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Why do I get nervous around girls?

Tackling the Approach Anxiety

Before you learn the methods of approaching a woman, you need to know how useless approach anxiety is. There is no point in being nervous before you even get to know a person. Know that women want to meet you and interact with just as much as you want to interact with them. But due to the numerous societal pressures, women have been discouraged to approach a guy themselves. Therefore, the task is on you. No woman is ever “out of your league”. All you have to do is figure out a way to strike a conversation with them.

Social Anxiety

Admit it for once and all that you have social anxiety and only you can help yourself get over it.

  • Figure out why you feel this way and try to cope.
  • Accept who you are, everyone is different and you will have to live with the personality you have among people.
  • The more people you surround yourself with the easier it becomes to make friends with the new people.
  • Feel the fear and approach a woman anyway.

Talk to a woman

You are smart, cool and mature enough to not only approach a woman but get a proper girlfriend. If you do approach a woman, ask her about her interests. Ask open ended questions and don’t ever let the conversation die from your side. Initially focus on just making friends with her to ensure that you don’t creep her out. Don’t try to intimidate her. Using the exact same thing that you had been dreading is a huge turn off.

Communication Skills

  • Be clear and concise. Don’t ask intimidating or confusing questions.
  • Be yourself yet don’t keep on talking about yourself. You need to show that you take interest in her.
  • Be confident in yourself and bring up the topics that you sound confident while talking about.
  • Be a good listener. Most of the women at a bar or party by themselves just want someone they can talk to.
  • Be open minded. Know that you might get into an argument with a total stranger if you don’t handle things well.

Self Confidence

The more you face your fear the greater your confidence will get. Stop comparing yourself to the other charming guys who get women with ease. Instead star focusing on yourself.

  • Groom yourself well enough. Have a good taste in fashion and be hygienic. Spending on your looks is a good investment
  • Act Positive even if you feel down or drained. You simply cannot let people know what bothers you and what you have been going through.
  • What you think of yourself is not always right. Think highly of yourself yet don’t be overconfident.

Are you still nervous around girls? You don’t need to more than afore mentioned things as long as you do everything right. Women are just human beings and most of them have so many common grounds on men that you can talk to them about.