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What are the top habits that irritate women?

All women are dreaming of meeting the prince on a white horse or at least a man that would be pleasant in every respect. However, finding the one is not easy, and there are things which push women away even if you are an woner of the most beautiful appearance and a villa on a warm island. Today, we will talk about the habits men have that put off and irritate women. Knowing these, all men will be able to be prepared to make a great impression on the girl they like.

Not finding enough time for her

Everyone allocated their free time the way they consider necessary. If you do not see someone for a long time, it is not because you don’t have a minute, but simply because you do not want to see the person enough. However, it is also important to remember that there must be a reasonable limit to how much time you are ready to spend. If you spend 5 days in a row with her, find some time for your friends too.

Looking at other women

Although men think that women do not notice their looks towards other ladies, in fact they always see how you view the beauty passing by in a miniskirt. This disappoints women, therefore it is important that you avoid doing so at least in her presence.

Avoid carrying out any part of housework

Often household chores are conditionally separated between the man and the woman. For example, after work she takes care of preparing the dinner, and you help out your kid to do his homework. You shouldn’t dump everything on the female’s shoulders and remember that you should take responsibility and make sure there is a balance between the duties you have and what you make your girlfriend do.

Too much talking about yourself

Of course she will be interesting to hear your life story and find out more about your, especially at the early stages of acquaintance. However, make sure that this does not become the main subject of a date, and does not turn intro an interview. Loving yourself too much means you may not love her enough. Also, having too much confidence that people around want to listen to you constantly praising yourself may also put the girl off.

Drinking too much alcohol

There is nothing wrong if the mad has a few drinks with friends from time to time, or during a long waited holiday. Getting tipsy, the men can relax and even amuse the company of friends. However, if the person drinks often, talks nonsense, mumbles something irrelevant and is never sober, it won’t be pleasant for the women, of the group of people you are with.

Being convinced that only woman has to cook

In the modern world this stereotype begins to look absurd. In the modern day, women have become equal with men – they were suits, earn money, drive cards and start up companies. So, what makes them obliged to cook?

The truth is, the stronger sex often cooks better. What is important to not irritate women is the desire to cook, or learn to cook, and the lack of the outdated stereotype.

Not knowing where your belongings are

You should know yourself where have you left this thing or another. Believe, no women has the desire to constantly hide things from your, and neither wants to be your consultant, that must always know where you dropped your sock or left your phone.

Making her do the grocery shopping

You should not allow her to become the woman who «drags a mammoth home» to make a dinner. It is clearly the responsibility of the stronger gender. Go to a shop together or do all the shopping independently. She will kindly put a list of all the necessary products for you.

Snoring at night 

Obviously, no person can control himself during the dream. But if you know that you snore in a certain pose, for example, change it. Nobody likes sleeping next to a snoring machine, and having to live with this, certainly gets irritating

To pick nose, teeth or ears

These are bad addictions that our parents may perhaps overlook in our childhood. They cause both annoyance and irritation in women, which is obvious, as there is nothing visually pleasant about it. Therefore, never do so in front of her, such procedures should take place when you are alone, not in the middle of a dinner in a restaurant.

Only watching movies that are pleasant to you

Most often the stronger sex prefers movies about shooting and cars. Of course there is nothing terrible if you watch what you like, however it shouldn’t be systematic. Therefore, buying tickets to the cinema, choosing some melodrama she will like or just letting her take charge of the TV remote from time to time will ensure you avoid any scandals. Your girl will estimate such gesture and appreciate the fact you don’t just do what is interesting to yourself, but are also considerate of your beloved.

Ruining upcoming events and plans

When you constantly ruin her upcoming plans and events at the last minute, she will become irritated and dissatisfied. Furthermore, any plans may also involve other people that need to be dealt with, and having ruined their plans, you make an unpleasant impression about yourself. If there is no important reason to cancel her plans, let her finish the begun business

Hair on soap

There is no limit to female disgust when she sees the snow-white soap with hair stuck around it. No matter, where the hair has gotten from, don’t forget to clean after yourself if you wish to avoid such irritation.

Sniffing clothes before putting them on

First of all, the look of this process is very unpleasant. Secondly, the fact the you are smelling it means you are doubting it is clean, as if clothers are after washing then they smell of freshness. You should not put on dirty clothes. If you have worn something for several days, put the thing in a washing basket.

Leaving mess and not closing lids

Although it seems like a small thing that should not irritate anyone, when it becomes repetitive, it gets very annoying. For instance, what can be worse than cut fingernails or shaved hair? Makes sense to simply clean up after yourself at once. Also, remember that she absolutely hates it when you forget to close the shampoo or a door of a locker.

Occupying toilet for a long time

Surely, different situations can happen, however it is unlikely that you have such serious stomach problems that you need to visit the bathroom every half an hour and spend ages in there. If you like to read a magazine while occupying the toilet, at least don’t make her wait in a queue.


Some men never take medicines and believe that all symptoms of illnesses will go away soon. Your lady takes care of you and feels like it is her obligation to take you to the doctor if pain is disturbing you, than to deal with unpleasant consequences of their ignoring. So, listen to your beloved, what she does is for your best.

Strong smell of perfume

Thing are only good when they are done in a moderate amount. The same principle concerns perfumes. Consider the fact the the smell may be too strong and irritating, not only for your beloved but also people around. Sometimes you may not even notice that you have overdosed the perfume.

Unpleasant eating manners

From childhood we were taught to eat quietly, knowing that any sounds are annoying for those sitting with you at the same table. Eating accurately is, first of all, sign of good manners, which is something most women look for. You can practice by having a dinner in front of a minor, to estimate whether you look like a barbarian or an intelligent person. Ideally, you have to look pleasant during food.

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