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Valentine Message Ideas For Him

On the occasion of the Lovers day, writing a message to the chosen one of his heart is always a great initiative. This is a nice valentines ideas for him to make the day more romantic.  Below are our message ideas for Valentine’s Day!

A Love Declaration

February 14 is usually an opportunity to make a declaration of love to your lover. Do not hesitate to play the card of romanticism and sentimentality by writing about your love.  Do not be afraid to be ridiculous, there is no shame in admitting your feelings. Your lover will inevitably be under the spell of love messages so beautiful and so strong. This is a nice valentine idea for this February 14, right?

A Funny And Original Message

Many people do not like Valentine’s Day, denouncing a commercial party. If you are one of these people, you can bet on a funny and original message. Websites specialized in quotation offer several. For example, you can write: “Valentine’s Day is bad. PS I love you “or” Valentine’s day. nm: the person who loves you as you are (despite this mountain of defects). You can also tell him something like “I did not wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, the day of the feast of love because I love you every day”. Do not force yourself for Valentine’s Day and stay as you are. If you do not particularly enjoy this holiday or if you are not romantic in nature, be funny and creative. Your lover will be more surprised and touched.

Some massages need no words

The language of intimacy needs no language, so if you aren’t very eloquent, then maybe you should explain your feelings through your love making. You could make the night a little special by adding some mood lighting, scented candles and such. You could gift your partner some fetish wear and buy some for yourself as well. You can start with a massage and then proceed to taking a bath together, if you have a bathtub. You could take the fun to the bedroom after that.

A Marriage Proposal to top it all

The pinnacle of romance for Valentine’s Day is to make a marriage proposal. Men aren’t the only ones who can make marriage proposals. More and more women are taking the leap, daring to ask the most important question of their lives.