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The Live Parties for the Adolescents

First explorations of sexuality and its limits, mysteries that are revealed slowly, delicious taboos, with a hint of danger: we have all been there. In the old days, we would find ourselves in a boom or groping on the back seat of a car. Today, young people see the Web as the primary source of information about everything they have always wanted to know about sex and sexuality.

The Aspects

Adolescence is a somewhat mysterious word. Is it only a question of age? State of mind? Or more than that? Experts agree that adolescence begins with puberty, in the most biological sense of the term. This means that pubertal growth, appearance of secondary sexual signs (breasts in the girl, musculature in the boy, pilosity, etc.) and appearance of primary sexual signs (those concerning fertility). It is considered in psychiatry that the process of psychological adolescence is triggered by secondary rather than secondary sexual signs because these signs lead to changes in the relationship of the young person to his own body and his family. In short, adolescence is the entire period from the birth of secondary sexual signs to the birth of an adult. Be it the LiveParties or the orgies, the effects are specific.

What is an adult?

It’s another pair of sleeves! The easy answer is legal: 18 years old! WHO complicates things a bit by saying that adolescence ends at 18, but can be extended to 25 if two conditions are met: the young person remains financially dependent on his parents and / or does not live in couple. Psychiatrists – who likes to complicate everything? Add another criterion which is that of having found a solution of continuity, gentleman agreement with the previous generation. In other words, being an adult means having changed the relationship with one’s parents, and therefore the way one gets along with them.

What is “normal” sexuality?

Talking about sexuality in adolescence is interesting to address the subject of sexuality in general, because we see in adolescence how sexuality exceeds the practice of sex, the practice of sexual relations. Living in one’s body goes beyond getting used to one’s size, one’s breasts, one’s musculature, one’s hairiness. It’s also knowing how to show off oneself, how to use one’s charm, to dress oneself, to play one’s body in relationships with others.

To What Extent?

To this extent, answering the question of whether there is a normal sexuality requires first of all defining what one is talking about: is it about the sexual relation or everything that revolves around it? To be sexed in the broad sense is to be good in one’s skin and in one’s head, it is to manage to take pleasure in being and living. In a narrower sense, it’s having relationships. In this perspective, normal sexuality is a sexuality that is good for one’s health, which is lived, if not with enjoyment, at least with pleasure, and which does not harm one’s self-esteem. In a more basic way, it’s the difference between “need” and “pleasure”. In other words, if wearing ‘sexy’ lingerie is fun in LiveParties, it’s a normal sexuality.