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Pornstar and escort girl: Fantasy or reality?

Porn actresses being the best of sexuality, sleeping with her is the fantasy of many guys. And for these guys, it is easy to think that porn actresses are almost all escort girl and so it will be enough to pay to sleep with a pornstar. But is the fantasy of porn actress escort girl a reality? Can we sleep with a porn actress escort easily?

Legal reminder about the job of escort girl

Before we start talking about actresses porn escort girl we have to do a little legal reminder, in France, prostitution is illegal and, recently, penalized for the client. The term escort girl designating both a girl accompanying a man for an outing and a luxury prostitute, ambiguity is allowed. In this article, the term escort girl will refer to the luxury prostitute, if you want to use the escort services of a porn actress you can not do it legally in France. On the other hand, porn actresses can exercise the profession of escort girl legally in other countries such as Switzerland, Spain or Belgium.

Are porn actresses all escort girls?

Of course not. There are very few porn actresses admitting to practicing the job of escort girl because it’s illegal in France but also because prostitution is a profession considered degrading and because the income from escorting are often not declared to the Fisc. Among porn actresses who have “confessed” to being escort girls, we will be able to talk about Liza del Sierra or Dolce Elektra saw in an Exclusive Investigation report but most porn actresses will always refrain from selling their services. Difficult to know which lie and which ones tell the truth but what is certain is that you will have a hard time asking a porn actress to do the escort for you.

How much does a porn actress escort girl?

The rates of an escort girl depend on her reputation. In the Exclusive Investigation report, a well-known porn actress sells her 3,500 € escort night while Dolce Elektra, less famous, sells her 1,500 € night. It is also not uncommon for escort girls to start porn only to raise their escort rates. The activity of escort girl being frowned upon, the porn actresses who would risk to practice it are selling very expensive to limit the risks of disclosure of their secret. And they are often limited to known customers who would have a lot to lose if their adventure knew to limit the risks further.

And what to fuck an Actress X?

Those who lived it keep a memory memorable. The girls whose job is to give pleasure have the know-how that the biggest nymphomaniacs will never reach. First, they have no taboos. If you fantasize about facial cumshot, sodomy or if you want to film with her it will not pose any problem. If you have always dreamed of a threesome with another girl or with your best friend, they will also be open to that. Porn actresses are a bit more expensive than classic escorts, but the price is well deserved because you will remember your whole life of this pornstar experience.

How to find a porn actress escort girl?


This question can not have a direct answer. Anyone who connects an actress porn escort girl with a potential customer would be guilty of pimping. It is noted that at this time the dating site SugarDaddy is also sued in court for procuring by an association for allowing the connection between rich men and women posing as an escort girl.

Abroad, websites organize sex tours. Sex tours offer girls to tour in different cities around the world to meet customers who register in advance. We have not tested these “sex tour” or “city tour,” but the Exclusive Investigation shows that most of the escort girl present on the site are porn actresses. Porn actresses registered on the site give half of their earnings to the owner of the site; such operation would be illegal in France and fall under the law against procuring. Finally, the best place on which you can find porn actresses to fuck are the kinky sites and sex scenes.