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I wish I lived my social media life. It looks amazing. I always look good the sun always shines and I have such an amazing time, all the time. I get chance to think about things and post interesting content. I never get nasty letters from the bank and all my friend are beautiful. Of course this is all true – and I am sure your social media reflects your life perfectly too.

Social media is now part of our lives it can be good or bad but its here to stay. No matter who you are if you are under about 65 you will have some type of social media presence I am sure. Not included in this are messaging apps which are almost ubiquitous even for 80 year olds. And within the escort agency industry – and the sex industry in general – they are essential business tools too. I now find it hard to imagine running a Malaga escort agency without access to social media and WhatsApp. Of course, with the onset of SESTA, FOSTa and with American tech giants banning or shadow banning so many aspects of our industry even though the sex industry is totally legal in most of the world I may have to get used to SMS messages and billboard advertising again soon.

I have to say that I would hate to live life without my booking and banking apps and Google is now a verb to google it is a thing. I do use social media but I use it for work. I can honestly say that I don’t use it for me as an individual as I really don’t want to create a media version and sanitized version of the truth. I am not knocking social media I generally like the benefits but it does seem to force a degree of social pressure on everyone. I am sure there are some people out there who do just post and post and post but even they are only able to provide a single view of any moment in time, crafted or not.

Most people would want to look good in photos and be seen to do interesting things with interesting things and I feel that this puts pressure of people as they think they are missing out a glamours life. The type life all of their friends report on social media. Alternatively individuals worry that everything will be reported on social media. It might be alright for your friend but what happens if they out your new boyfriend or girl friend before you have had chance to decide what’s best for you