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Interactive special effects thanks to the webcam

In 1991, two Cambridge students placed a video camera in front of the coffee machine in the university’s computer lab. Thanks to a system programmed by them, the images were transmitted to an internal network of computers, from which they could see if the machine still had coffee without the need to get up and walk to the corridor. In 1993, web browsers acquired the ability to display images, and the system was modified so that everyone could see the status of the machine through a website.

The images were updated every three minutes, had no color and were of low resolution; however, that was the first webcam, or webcam, in history. Over time, and as technology progressed, webcams became important for activities as diverse as videoconferencing, heart rate measurement, astrophotography and indoor surveillance. Webcams are so important in tons of industries, especially those dealing with adult cam services such as big tits cams, ebony cams and many more.

But there is a field of application of the webcams that still has many surprises to give: the creation of interactive effects for websites. In other words, text, image or sound is generated depending on what the camera on our computer captures. The following examples show the creative horizons of this interaction modality, which in some cases can also be implemented for smartphone or tablet cameras.

An interesting artistic project. It is a series of interactive portraits of ordinary people, in whose eyes we can see ourselves reflected thanks to the webcam. In addition, if we cover the camera with the finger, the portrayed person falls on his back as if we had hit him on the forehead.

Deja vu
This website uses the webcam to recognize the features of our face. For this we must remain absolutely quiet for about a minute (may have to retry several times), but when the process is over, we will discover that the discomfort was worth it. The system takes a model of our face and deforms it in incredible ways, applying gestures and various special effects. An experiment valuable both for its artistic concept and its technical complexity.

Optical Flow Effects
This small experiment allows us to apply three different image filters to what our webcam captures in real time. Only for Google Chrome.

Hopefully this information can add to your insight.