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Every Woman Needs To Know Self-Defense

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It is very important for women to know self-defense and to protect themselves from getting into any discomfort situation. Many training centers are running in cities. Such centers are making women to learn the self-defense techniques and measures to protect themselves when the assailant with the intent of sexual harassment or assault approaches them. Even when we use the self-defense gadgets like pepper sprays or small knife people, usually people think that is pepper spray legal in California or is using such self-defense gadgets or measures legal in the country or not. But now government understands the situation and the difficulty of the victim, so the use of pepper spray is legal, and there are many laws made with the help of which the victim may fight with the attacker.

Trust your bad vibes

We hear such incidents faced by women or men, most of the times the sexual harassment or assault is faced by women comparatively more in number than men. We usually listen to this line that “I already had this bad feeling” but have you ever thought that there are 20 percentage mistakes of that victim because he or she do not take the measures previously to protect themselves. If the victim already had that instinct, it is important for a person to trust their instincts. If you do not feel right then probably you are not safe in that situation, and obviously, that is the bottom line, so you should be ready to protect yourself, and better you should protect yourself by taking pre-measures. If you take care of the pre-measure, then you can even escape from getting into the very first stage of danger.

Do not be the accessible target

The victim, most of the times, has the opportunity to escape the situation before it gets worse. Make sure you trust your instincts on the right time and hear the voice which you are getting from inside and trusted it.

You cannot be just an accessible target; you can have the opportunity to escape if you act wisely before the situation turns bad. You have to take that opportunity and make yourself safe in the very first place. Whenever you are getting that creepy feeling from the approaching person, it’s on you to get on the other side and let him know that you are not the accessible target he can comfortably attack.