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Emotional abuse can drive someone crazy – How to prevent and deal with it

There are many forms of emotional abuse, from degrading remarks to jokes that are humiliating. It may even take a form where it’s tough to spot. Nevertheless, if you believe that you’re being the target of such emotional abuse, you should try your best to remove yourself from such a situation and cut off all ties with the person who abused you. Although emotional abuse can be serious, it can accelerate to physical violence and it is then that you need to take prompt steps to stop it.

While you can call emergency services, you can also get in touch with attorney who can help you with such a sensitive issue. As emotional abuse is something that it can really drive someone crazy, never come to terms with it. Here are few ways in which you can deal with it.

#1: Recognize signs of emotional abuse

You may feel that you’re always being judged, dismissed or degraded by someone especially when you’re present among many other people. This is how you should be able to spot emotional abuse. The emotional abuser will never tell anything good about you or motivate you. He will only try to establish the fact that you’re not able to take jokes.

#2: Watch out for behaviors like control and domination

Is your friend or romantic partner dominating you? Are they trying their best to isolate you by not letting you meet your loved ones? They might query about what you’re doing all the time, ask you to share your password or social media accounts. This is a form of abuse.

#3: Spot signs of neglect and child abuse

The signs of emotional abuse among children are much different from that of adults. You may find sudden changes in behavior, more aggression, withdrawal, and changes in weight, absences from school and soiled clothes. If you notice these, you can be sure that your child is facing emotional abuse.

#4: Stand up to the abuser

Just as you had to stand up against the person who bullied you at the playground, the emotional abusers too won’t prefer to be challenged and they can back down in case you challenge the emotional abuse that they’re inflicting on you.

#5: Stop severe emotional abuse

You have to remember that you’re not alone and that it is not your fault that you have to go through this kind of emotional abuse. Call a helpline number, visit the website and in case of a child abuse, get in touch with a child and family welfare agency.

So, now that you know how to fight against emotional abuse, make sure you take the steps give above.