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Are escorts and prostitutes the same?

Many people assume both prostitutes and escort to be the same. In few matters, they may be the same but altogether both are different professions. Escort services are provided to good looking women and men who are listed for enjoyment purposes. They are individuals and are often escorted to different places. For additional money, they engage in sexual activities. They are paid more than the prostitutes. They are paid to have a good look and are taken to different destinations.

Prostitutes, on the other hand, are paid just for sex and they are not said to escort anyone to any destination. Escorts are lawful but prostitution is illegal in many countries. Escorts are usually paid for friendship but not for sex and this isthe reason; escorts are considered lawful.  They are highly proficient and they can be employed from the escort offices but the prostitutes can be hired either from a brothel or the streets. Sex worker is the new term that is used for those individuals who propose sex.

Legal aspects

The relation between an escort agency and an escort is primarily for giving protection to the escort agency against prosecution from breaking prostitution laws. If the escort arranges for the illegal prostitution activities these agencies can deny. In the United Kingdom, one of the ways sex trade takes place is through escorts. It is practiced in the saunas, private flats, and even in the massage parlors. Working as an escort or as a private prostitute is not a crime. In India, prostitution is legal though managing a pimping or a brothel is not legal.

A complete service

Technically, the escorts offer companionship but not sex. The escort services are considered legal in most of the countries all over the world but many countries have laws against prostitution. Depending on the kind of services offered they even get engaged insexual activities. They are highly skilled, attractive and better dressed. The San Francisco escorts can converse well and they are better in the social circles. Escorts charge for the time they spent with the clients and sex may or may not get included as a part of their engagement. They are at times hired for attending social arrangements. Escorts sell companionship but they also sell sex. They are not associated with the brothels but are mainly linked to the escort agencies and they are mostly employed by the agencies.