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5 Simple Rules to celebrate Glorious days before getting married

Did you know there are rules to a Secrets Montreal bachelor party?  Yes, indeed there are rules, even to this event that seems like it should be a no-holds-barred kind of time.  That in mind, here are a few rules to planning a bachelor party.

RULE #1:  The Best Man Plans the Party

First and foremost you need to know that one of the jobs of the Best Man is to plan this party.  Typically the Best Man is among the groom’s closest friends so he should know all of his interests and, as such, should know his interests and preferences.  Not all guys want the traditional booze and strippers (you know, Vegas baby!)—or his fiancée is uncomfortable with it—or maybe he wants a relaxing getaway with his best buds to create memories before his commitments have to change.  

Whatever is he wants, it is the Best Man’s job to make it happen.

RULE #2:  The Groom Does Not Pay

This should go unmentioned but the groom should not pay for anything.  Whether you are flying across the country or driving downtown, having dinner and drinks or painting the town, do not let him bring his wallet. The whole of the stag party can split the tab or you can even prepay at some establishments; put it all on a credit card and figure it out later, too, if that works better for you.

RULE #3:  The Groom Writes the Guest List

Put any potential animosities or differences aside, he gets to invite whomever he wants.  Now, you can make suggestions or alternative arrangements if this lists gets a little long, but ultimately he chooses who attends.

RULE #4:  Leave the Hazing at the Frat

While a little ribbing and joking is necessary you should do your best to not embarrass the groom.  Your job (everyone’s job, not just the best man) is to host an unforgettable night (from what you’ll be able to remember, anyway) and get him safely to his wedding.  You don’t want to have to explain to the bride why he is in the hospital or can’t stand up straight or has a strange limp.

RULE #5:  Arrange Transportation Beforehand

Most bachelor parties involve Poppers UK. If your itinerary also involves several locations make arrangements for transportation ahead of time. You also don’t want to have to call the chapel with your one phone call from the drunk tank.