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40 must prepared Answers for Questions your first date will definitely ask

Dating with someone is always interesting and fun. It is the first step towards a loving relationship. People meet someone they are interested in and want to know more and more about them.

It is also a fact that the first date is always a bit weird. People do not know each other and they sometimes feel uncomfortable in asking questions from each other. Even some people go totally blank on their first date.

For this reason, before going for the first date; everyone must have some questions in their mind. And yes, while keeping questions in the brain, one should and must prepare him/herself for answering the questions of your date. It means that you have to be ready for q and a questions.

In this article, I have shared 25 plus questions, which a date must ask and be ready to answer them as well. You may have gone through some other writing pieces, which offer the answers as well. But, I am leaving it to you because; it’s all up to you that what answers you really wanna make.

So, if you have planned a first date with somebody, then I’m sure, you will have an awesome time.

  1. Do you like this place?
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. Are you an introvert?
  4. What was the first concert you’ve ever attended?
  5. What type of music do you love?
  6. Who is your favorite writer?
  7. Who is God for you?
  8. Whom did you vote last time?
  9. What’s your favorite dating app?
  10. Have you ever been through the dating websites?
  11. What’s your favorite food?
  12. What’s your most liked drink?
  13. Can you cook?
  14. How is important fitness to you?
  15. Do you prefer looks or intelligence?
  16. Do you like partying?
  17. What’s your favorite picnic place?
  18. Where did you spend your last vacations?
  19. Do you like history?
  20. What’s love for you?
  21. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been?
  22. Do you like roses?
  23. What’s your most favorite thing for the weekends?
  24. Do you like pets or plants?
  25. What’s the name of your pet?
  26. Do you like working or love to be a house-wife?
  27. Where did you grow up?
  28. How’s your family? Are you close to them?
  29. Do you like spending time in community work?
  30. Do you like posting pictures on Social Media or you are a bit private person?
  31. Do you like rains or snowfalls?
  32. What’s your favorite Christmas Gift?
  33. What type of social circle do you like to keep?
  34. Do you like spending time with family and relatives?
  35. Do you like/want kids?
  36. Do you miss your childhood?
  37. How do you like celebrating birthdays?
  38. Can you live with regrets?
  39. Do you think a strong relationship needs a trust?
  40. Where would you like to be after 10 years?
  41. Are you patriotic or nationalist?
  42. Who is your ideal?
  43. Are you looking for a long and well-built relationship or just for a time-pass?

And if the answer is yes, ask her….

  1. Can I kiss you?